Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tip #2

Go to goodwill. Everyone drops off old stuff there. Just the other day I got a paintball mask (worth $25) for $2.50, and a set of vintage wilson clubs (FULL SET!!!! WORTH $150+) FOR $5.00!!!!!!! THATS INSANE!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am going to start giving a weekly tip to everyone who wants to do or learn to do this.

TIP #1: Do you live in a city? Drive around on trash day and see what you find. This is where I get most of my stuff. My friend just found a bike that sells for $200 in the trash of a rich neighborhood and it was just missing a seat. Hell, even if its beyond repair pick it up and take it to the scrap yard. They'll give you a few bucks for it.

The first

This is the first item I bought and sold. A Murray bike. I bought it one morning for $10 and sold it that afternoon for $20 turning over a $10 dollar profit and siting on the inventory for only a little while. This is very good to do (buy and sell items quickly and make some profit)

What I do

This is a blog about getting items free or dirt cheap and turning it out for a profit.